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Our company, Folk Fashion Kft. was formed in 2010 as a result of a spontaneous idea to satisfy a need. We love modern garments, but we also love folk motives. And we are not alone! But modern garments decorated with Hungarian folk motives from Kalocsa which we would be happy the wear did not exist. So we designed a blouse for ourselves. The rest, as they say, is history. Why stop at blouses, when there are modern jeans and shirts, trendy handbags and accessories which can be made eye catching with the lovely Kalocsa motives? And so our collection emerged. Though developed with the younger generation in mind, it includes items for all age groups and both sexes. Our greatest encouragement is that our customers are delighted with our garments. Their support also ensures that this beautiful folk tradition and the lovely motives are preserved for the future. All our accessories are made of real porcelain and are hand decorated with genuine local motives on location at Kalocsa by the kalocsai Porcelán Manufaktúra. All our garments are hand embroidered in Kalocsa by highly experienced, traditional folk artists. Our objective is to preserve the beautiful traditional Kalocsa folk art. The best way of achieving this in the 21st century is fusing the motives with modern fashion, thereby making Kalocsa folk art trendy. Our 2011-12 collection has been enlarged with many new surprises. We are confident that the taste and imagination captured by the collection will continue to appeal to both existing and new customers.

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